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Frankly, there are tons of places you can go to in and around Central Florida for a memorable romantic date. With theme parks, natural places of beauty, restaurants, bars, and so many other attractions, you will never run out of places to enjoy with your loved one.

But, I’ve decided to share five easy romantic date ideas in Central Florida, and honestly I could listed dozens more!

Take a stroll in New Smyrna Beach. 

New Smyrna Beach (NSB) is an excellent place to explore with that special someone. Positioned an hour from Orlando, this is my favorite beach community b/c it’s a charming community and home to cute boutiques, fresh eateries, and a vibrant arts scene. The cool thing about NSB is you can drive your car onto the beach. I recommend packing a picnic and strolling along the water’s edge. If you walk down toward the inlet you’re sure to see local surfers and the true locals (the sharks!) A word of caution, NSB is the shark bite capital of the world, so your romantic date might go sideways if you don’t keep your eyes peeled. But seriously, NSB is a delightful place to relax and allow the sun to warm your face and the water to cool off during a hot day.

When you’re done at the beach, walk down Flagler and pick one of the several amazing restaurants to dine at, my favorites include Breakers, Third Wave and Aa Garden Fusion.

Explore the Magic Kingdom. 

Where better to lose yourself with that special someone than within Disney’s Magic Kingdom? Wander down Main Street and take in the shops and attractions before jumping on rides like Space, Splash and Thunder Mountain (my favorite!). Also my favorite after burning off so many calories walking all over the park, funnel cake.

After your funnel cake and roller coasters, get a primo spot and watch the nightly fireworks. There’s really not a bad place to watch them so try and cozy up to your special someone in a less popular spot as your day winds down. One of my favorite things to do is get on the ferry and watch the fireworks on the boat. You can beat the crowd and the fireworks look so pretty over the water too.

If you still have energy to burn, go to Disney Springs for shopping, drinks, dancing and one last show before midnight. A perfect end to your magical date.

Make a splash at Wekiwa Springs State Park. 

Wekiwa Springs State Park is a natural wonder just a short drive from downtown Orlando. You can splash with your date in the emerald springs that feed the Wekiwa River, relax in lush tropical hammocks, or rent a kayak and explore.

Once you’re all splashed out, take your date’s hand and go for a walk down some of the many trails that lead you through the wooded areas where you’re sure to get a glimpse of birds and wildlife. Personally, I’m not a huge outdoor adventurer but I know many people are and if that’s you, this is an excellent option for the outdoor enthusiasts!

Visit Mount Dora. 

The old-Florida charm of Mount Dora makes it the ideal place to visit with your romantic partner. The quaint storefronts are beautifully designed, and within, you can find antiques, jewelry, and collectibles, making it a unique and interesting shopping destination.

If you want to get out on the water, check out Mount Dora Boat Rental. For a few hundred bucks you can have a full day out on the water exploring the Harris Chain of Lakes.

Once you’re done, check out the outdoor cafes, gourmet restaurants and my personal favorite Scoops on fifth for the absolute best ice cream in town. Also, Mount Dora hosts festivals and exhibitions at various times of the year, so be sure to check in advance to time your visit well.

Laugh until your sides hurt at SAK comedy club. 

There’s nothing quite like a night out at a comedy club. With weekly shows from a variety of acts, the SAK Comedy Club in Orlando is the perfect place to visit to let your hair down and let your laughs out.

Their popular shows include Duel of Fools and King of the Hill, which are live on Fridays and Saturdays every week. Grab yourself a couple of tickets and take your date out for a night to remember.

Romantic date ideas abound in Central Florida. 

Hopefully, these five ideas give you the inspiration you need to plan a romantic day/night with that special someone. If you’re looking to relocate to Central Florida to take advantage of many of its beautiful attractions, I’d be delighted to help you find your forever home. As an experienced Realtor, I’ve helped clients relocate to popular areas like downtown Orlando, New Smyrna Beach, Winter Park, and all throughout Orange, Seminole and Volusia County. Get in touch with me today to discuss your real estate options in Central Florida.