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Few things in life are as important as choosing where to live. When you’re looking to buy your forever home in Florida, you need to cover all bases.

That’s why I think it’s super important to work with the Best Realtor in Orlando who truly has your best interests at heart. If you don’t trust the person you’ve chosen to help you complete your purchase, the process becomes hugely stressful.

You’ll find yourself constantly checking your phone, waiting for updates, and chasing up the person who’s meant to be working for you, not against you.

Whenever I take on a new client, I am totally committed to them. I know how stressful it is to buy a home, so I try and make the process as hassle-free, straightforward (and fun!) as possible.

So, when you’re in the market for a property in Central Florida, I would advise you to hire the services of a full-time Realtor that you trust. It will absolutely be worth it in the long run, and you will save yourself a heap of time and money, as Realtors understand the actual value of property.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a realtor to work with in Central Florida:

Are they experienced? 

I don’t know about you, but I want the person who takes control of my property purchase or sale to understand what they’re doing! Check that they’re experienced by looking at who they’ve worked with in the past and what accreditations they have before reaching out.

Do they have positive reviews? 

The best way to gauge someone’s ability as a Realtor is to read testimonials and reviews from their previous clients. Check their website, Google, and social media for what people have said about them. Personally, I would focus on their customer service, as I would want a realtor to go above and beyond to offer me the best possible service. And there’s another equally important factor to consider…

Can they negotiate? 

When checking out their reviews, read between the lines. You want a Realtor with your best interests at heart, but they also need to be a savvy negotiator. Their previous clients will tell you if they’ve managed to get them a good deal on their home or not.

Do they come highly recommended? 

Before choosing a Realtor, see if anything has been written about them by third parties. Do they feature in publications? What have their peers said about them? Have they won any awards? You can get a much better feel for a person by finding out what people in their industry have said about them.

Do they communicate well? 

If a Realtor doesn’t communicate well, it’s a red flag. Reach out to a few Realtors via their website, by phone, or even on social media.

How they engage with you in the first instance will give you an idea of how well they will communicate throughout the process. I would steer well clear of realtors who don’t return your calls or make you feel like you’ve inconvenienced them by getting in touch.

How to choose the best Realtor in Orlando, Florida. 

The most important thing to do when choosing an Orlando area Realtor to work with is to do your research. Find someone who knows what they’re doing and is a pleasure to work with. It will make the process of buying or selling your home so much easier.

I’ve worked with clients all across Orange, Seminole and Volusia County since 2005 and would love to help you buy or sell your property in Florida. If you have any questions at all, reach out to me here – I’m here to guide you through the complex world of Florida real estate!