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If you’re anything like me, things start to pile up all around your house throughout the year. For our family, it’s little art projects and cards from our eight year old that tend to mix in with the bills and mail, which tends to pile up on the kitchen island, and then is relocated to a desk when we need to cook. For us, this cycle happens pretty regularly.

If I look around at my house I could get overwhelmed about the areas that tend to accumulate things that we just don’t want to deal with. The office is another prime example. I have books that I’m reading, my Bible and journal, along with other important things buried under a property market analysis for a house in Winter Springs, showing sheets for a home in Windermere and notes from a recent zoom call with my strategist and business coach. I have to push the paper away just to make a spot for my laptop.

I’m not embarrassed by these confessions, I’m telling you all that so that you know you’re not alone. And the reason I know I’m not alone is that I see the same things in listing appointments when I’m meeting with new sellers all over Orlando. There’s toys, papers, snacks on the counter, I get it!

But after a while, the mess starts messing with you and enough is enough and it’s time to get to cleaning. It’s spring after all so here’s my top tips for spring cleaning:

  • Get a garbage bag – No seriously, go through each room you want to tackle and just throw things in there that really need to go. If you have’t looked at it in six months, it’s over. It’s already been trashed in your mind, make it official.


  • Donate/Sell – Are there clothes, toys, shoes, decorative items that you don’t love? For me, I have a couple of art prints that are leaning against a wall; I haven’t hung them up in over a year. Maybe they don’t belong with me and someone else will display it with pride. I could FB Marketplace it, or drive to my local Goodwill or ask any of my customers if they know someone who would like it.


  • Everyone participates – Everyone that lives in the house needs to participate in their own spring cleaning. I’ll be asking my daughter which stuffed animals she can live without. If they don’t have a name and backstory, do they really need to stay? My opinion is no, but…she will need to decide if she’s not playing with a toy or stuffed animal, if perhaps another child could get more use out of an item she’s forgotten about.



  • Lastly – if you feel you can tackle spring cleaning with just a checklist, I found this one to go off of.

Happy cleaning! And if you’re thinking of selling property and are overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start, contact me and I will help you prioritize what’s most important when selling.