There’s so much to say about thankfulness and I think 2020 has caused people to pull into focus what’s most important and eliminate things that used to be viewed as worthy of our attention. For my family and me, I do believe we had a crash course at eliminating things that society and the world finds important, we had no other choice after what happened with our daughter, Reagan.

When our daughter had her metabolic crisis, the doctors said she wouldn’t learn, have friends, smile or laugh. They charged us with one sole focus, “to make her comfortable.” How devastating. But as she started gaining her milestones back, like eating, drinking, sitting, standing, walking, etc we realized that the most important thing was right in front of us. It was her, and it was God and Jesus, who we continually prayed to for healing and restoration.

Now being six years out from her stroke, brain damage and crisis, it was all the little steps along the way that helped her continue to improve. And when things were hard, I was not thankful for that season. However looking back, I am eternally grateful and thankful for the resilience and grit that our entire family (especially Reagan) gained.

When this pandemic is over, what will you be thankful for in this hard season? I am thankful for a Bible study with two co-workers that was started from a place of anxiousness and fear. And I am thankful that we went through Exodus, Ephesians, Philippians, James, Daniel, Joshua, Luke, Revelation and Hebrews. I’m thankful that when school turned virtual in March, that I used my voice for those who were afraid to speak up. My voice gained complete confidence through the hardest seasons with Reagan and the years we spent in and out of the hospital or fighting with insurance companies. I’m thankful that Rob and I determined that limping along in a thrown together virtual school in a pandemic wasn’t the most important thing. I’m thankful Reagan used the resilience she has learned from her years of hard work, and from watching us, to ride a bike!!

Sometimes, what you’re thankful for gets a renewed vision and hopefully 2020 has done that for you. As we’ve all lived through an intense election season, a pandemic and social injustices and upsets, I really pray that you’ve determined what’s most important in your own life, and are grateful for those things, even if it’s not easy.