Quarantine 24/7 has reshaped what home owners and buyers now find crucial in their spaces. Perhaps things that never would have caused pause, are now super important moving forward. 

Nothing like polling on Instagram to find out immediate thoughts and trends in the minds of my quarantining followers. Out of 191 votes, this is what I’ve learned:

People want large master bathrooms, 64% said that was MORE important than additional guest bathrooms. In the future, buyers will likely want a minimum of double vanities, and I’ve even seen trends for two toilets in the master bathroom. What’s mine is mine, I guess?

A whopping 77% said they wish they had a bigger pantry. I can’t remember a time where a pantry was the deal breaker, but after Covid-19, I can’t say I’d blame someone if the pantry was the size of coat closet. If you have a coat closet type of pantry, consider upgrading it before you sell (your coat closet is your toilet paper closet now). It’s very important that we can stock 10 LB bags of flour, rice, sugar, beans, etc. Whatever it is that we need in a 24/7 lockdown, it better fit in that pantry. Only 23% said they wished for more freezer space, although, I think this is an easy fix if you have a garage and can purchase a stand alone freezer.

Open concept: the two most popular words I’ve heard for probably a decade. “I want an open concept floorpan. I’d like to knock this wall down so I can see everything.” It is possible to have a floorpan that’s too open. Maybe you don’t wan’t to see everyone you’re quarantining with all the time. I’d estimate that 95% of buyers I’ve worked with have wanted open floorplans, but post Covid-19, only 67% want open plans and 33% are hoping for some semi-private areas to be alone with their thoughts, feelings, and baked goods.

Office space. We’re almost split here with 55% wanting a closed office space so that no one can steal their red stapler, and 45% being OK with a flex space. Personally, my husband and I have an office that we share, it has a door that can be closed and locked. It’s also the place where my daughter does her school work. It’s a flex space that can be closed off. I would like to keep the office for us, and have a flex space for her, but it works and I’m not complaining, like Kim Kardashian who is having a hard time in close quarters with Kanye, her four kids and 15,000 sq. ft. of space (plus a guest house that is bigger than some apartments).

This I find funny…100% of voters want a fenced yard. They don’t want to see their neighbors too much, they want privacy, they want all their property marked off for them to see and enjoy. Hey, I get it, fences are great, especially if you have a dog. Survey says ZERO percent of people care about the proximity of a dog park.

Lastly, what’s inside the fence is also important with 55% saying a large backyard is important while 45% say they’d be OK with a smaller yard as long as they have a pool. Last year, my husband and I opted to forgo a pool and instead added a super large patio, which we have enjoyed. But every single neighbor to the left, right, front and back have pools, except us. It’s all good though, I’ve got a nice blow up pool for my seven year old and she thinks it’s pretty great. It also waters our grass in one section when we deflate it and I can water my lawn in rectangular areas every few days. 

As buyers readjust their motivations and must haves in their next home, if you’re a home owner, take the results of this mini focus group and do what you have to do in order to make your home quarantine worthy.