The past couple of months have been a surreal time in our country and across the globe. As we sit in this season that none of us have ever experienced, I want to encourage you through my family’s personal story.
As you may know, we’ve endured many hard seasons, the hardest though, was our daughter Reagan’s stroke and metabolic crisis when she was just 13 months old. The result was her permanent brain damage and loss of all skills. That was six years ago. So much can change in a day, and goodness much more in six years! Her prognosis didn’t hold much hope, but we determined to push through that news. Every day didn’t look like a win, it looked hard. Just like right now during this pandemic, every day may not look like a win in your life. But when you look back on this time of pandemic, will you have climbed a mountain range just by doing one step every single day? I think so.
I have learned that the best way forward is by going through. Whatever the hard thing is, you can’t go around it, you can’t ignore it, you have to press into it, until you are pushing forward through it.
Not only have I learned about overcoming adversity in my personal life, real estate is also no stranger to adversity. Will the housing market crash, will we see 2008 all over again? I don’t think so, but things will change in the real estate business moving forward. Virtual tours and 3D virtual reality walk throughs could be here to stay as people may prefer to view properties from the comfort of their couch and see it for the first time in person during an inspection. Real estate will have to adapt and agents will innovate additional ways to market properties and that will become the norm. Realtors will use tech to continue to sell homes in whatever world we live in after this pandemic is over.
My experiences tell me that hope can be found in any circumstance if we look to what we are grateful for. An exercise in gratitude will fill you with hope and help all of us to push through. Click here to learn what I am thankful for, and use the blank copy so you can do the same. Print it out, look at it every day, ask your family members to do it, your co-workers, your friends or your neighbors. We are in a season that the world is sharing together. It’s up to us how will we make it through, how we will define it and what will we remember.
All the best from my family to yours.