As a Florida native I’m VERY familiar with the sunshine state and neighborhoods from Palm Beach county where I grew up, all the way to Central Florida.  And as an Oviedo resident for almost 10 years, I know I’ve found the bit of paradise Family Circle Magazine has as well.  The magazine recently ranked Oviedo #9 as one of the best towns to live in the country!


From the bright yellow townhouse restaurant, which is an iconic landmark in our little town, to the beautiful trails where you can bike, run and introduce your pup to his four legged “friends” also discovering the trail, Oviedo provides home town charm in the middle of Orlando.  No tourists are found in Oviedo, unless they’re lost, or are touring the University of Central Florida which is just a stones throw from Oviedo.  But surprisingly, Oviedo doesn’t see the 55,000 students who attend the second largest university in the country venture too much into Oviedo.

Oviedo is not flashy by any means…it’s quiet, endearing, and well…it’s home.  I know most of the neighbors on my street, I know their kids and the sports they play, the college their kids attend and I know their pets.  I’ve had many a glass of wine and dinner with my neighbors.  And I know I can count on my neighbors.  In today’s society, being neighborly is scarce, but not on my street…and not in my town.

If you’re interested in learning more about Oviedo, give me a call!

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