Certain towns have something that makes them unique and quirky.  One of the things I LOVE about Oviedo are the beautiful chickens that grace the small downtown area.  The funny thing though, is that the chickens actually like to hang out around Popeyes Chicken…I wonder if the chickens know and understand what they are doing and what kind of message that sends to us humans.  (Or perhaps Popeye’s is under siege and we’re just not aware…probably not).

Oviedo Chicken ordering at Popeyes

The Oviedo chickens is something residents are proud of.  There’s even a Facebook page for them, along with bumper stickers that are proudly displayed on cars of the the residents who live here.  The chickens are not why people move to Oviedo…but it’s that small town feel Oviedo offers that people have come to love.  Nestled within five miles of the third largest university in the country (UCF) and just 20 minutes away from the bustling Orlando downtown metropolitan area is what makes Oviedo a favorite place to call home among Central Floridian’s.

As a top Realtor in the Oviedo market, and area expert, I can assist you in navigating the neighborhoods (and the chickens) when considering to buy your next home or sell your current one in the Oviedo area.  Contact me today to set up a meeting to discuss how I can help you!