So you have an appointment with a prospective buyer…KUDOS!  Here are some tips to make sure you’re not entertaining a tire kicker…and also ways to make those that are qualified, feel comfortable enough to purchase your property.

When a buyer visits you should:

1. Make sure they are pre-approved BEFORE they arrive.  Ask the buyers to get approved with a preferred lender, if they don’t have an approval letter already.

2. Set appointments at the buyer’s convenience.

3. Always prepare the home before it’s shown, even if you have to leave work early in order to be prepared for the visit.

4. Have flyers/brochures ready.

5. Introduce yourself at the front door.

6. Let the buyer tour the home with as much privacy as possible. (This is a BIG one).  Buyers feel uncomfortable making comments in your presence.  When they complete the tour of the property, ask them if they’d like to go back for a second look.

7. Be prepared.  Most people may not be that interested in your home.  While it only takes one buyer to love your home…buyer’s shop by comparison, and there are usually a great number of homes for them to consider.

8. In the event you receive an offer from a buyer, have them put it in writing, including an earnest money deposit.  Be prepared to pay a real estate attorney to review the legalities of any such contract.

9. Read the post, Offer vs. Contract…yeah, there’s a difference, to know whether you have entered into a binding contract, or only have an offer from a prospective buyer.

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