Did you know that 11% of all homes are sold by owners without a Realtor…and 89% of all home sales are done so with the help of a Realtor like myself?  For the folks who do want to try and sell their home on their own home, I’ve created a FSBO category here on my blog to help you navigate the often turbulent waters of a real estate transaction.

Here are some tips to selling your own home:

1. Advertise.  See where you can advertise, check the local paper and online.  Always include the area of town, price and number of beds/baths.  These are most important to a buyer.

2. Design a flyer of brochure for your property.  Include a photo and description of the property.  Bonus points if you can also include a “payment estimator” for buyers.

3. Know our current annual property taxes and homeowners insurance costs and whether they are paid via escrow or some other method.

4. Know at least three different methods available to finance the sale of your home.  Buyers will also want to know the total cash down required, what their closing costs are and what their monthly payment will be.

5. Consider having an appraisal done on your home to determine market value.  Buyers will typically offer less than you are asking because they know a savings of the commission is often built into the price.  You are trying to save the commission and so are the buyers.

For additional information on selling your own home, click on the For Sale By Owner category on the right side of this page.

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