Clutter.  A cluttered home can be an easy fix with some long hard hours throwing away your magazines, figurines and that as-seen on TV gadget machine (still in the box).   But left untouched, nothing will get a buyer giving you the George Costanza “It’s not me, it’s you” bit faster than a cluttered home.

Sometimes the job seems difficult and too tough to tackle.  This is where your Realtor should be able to help you and point you in the right direction.  I’ve provided this HGTV video to many sellers.  It’s a nice, but firm way to let them know, the home needs a little guidance.  And any Realtor should be completely skilled in staging a home with existing furniture to maximize the sale-ability of the property.  And, for super motivated sellers willing to invest some money, hiring a professional stager is also recommended.   

Buyers want model homes.  Sellers need to ask themselves if their home would pass for a model home at a new home community.  Would it even come close?  Or would it be a feature on some HGTV Help this Home mini-series?

Cleaning out a home, de-cluttering or de-personalizing a home can be very emotional for owners who have built their lives and raised a family in that home.  However, it’s important for sellers to listen to the professional, the Realtor they’ve hired…Realtors can help to take the emotion out of it.  One thing all sellers have in common is wanting the maximum amount of money in their pocket.  It’s a Realtors job to do that.  We want buyers to say HELLLOOOO! to your home…and we can help you make it happen!