As I was creating this new and glorious blog, I started to search articles online to post and then call it a day.  Yes, I blogged!  But then I thought, you know, I have a lot to say as a Realtor and anyone can read a Yahoo or Bloomberg article about the market.  And anyone can just re-post it mindlessly.  But don’t you want to know what’s really going on in the trenches from the mouth of the top realtor here at my new blog?  And I knew you did…so here it is.

There’s a ton going on!  For starters, the $8,000 tax credit was extended so first time home buyers now have until the end of April 2010.  Plus there’s the opportunity for current home owners to get $6,500 if they sell their home and purchase a new one. 

So now you must be thinking…how can I get on this tax credit bus?  It’s easy!  Just shoot me an email…if you need to sell your home, the first step is knowing what it’s worth.  If you want to buy a home, the first step is knowing what you can afford.  Now’s the time to get off that fence before it impales you…make the right decision and you could be getting your $6,500 – $8,000 tax credit before you know it!