Instead of talking about the market this morning I’m going to bring you some comedy from the life of a Realtor.  I told my broker this story the other day and he said I needed my own show with all the drama I run in to while showing homes.  I think he’s right.  Million dollar listing move over, these are the real stories of the every day Realtor.

The other day I came across a for sale by owner that I wanted to list.  I called the sign and let the owner know that I just put his neighbor’s home under contract in only 10 short days, and might he consider that I could do the same for him.  The owner tells me to go around the back of the house and look in some of the windows and give him a call right back after I’m finished to let him know what I think.  As soon as I open the back gate, a massive, HUGE black racer snake lifts its head and starts slithering away.  I screamed and ran straight back to my car and proceeded to call the owner. I explained that he would need to meet me at the property because there was no way my sandaled feet were going to traipse through his back yard along side this four and a half foot black racer…I needed to enter through the front door.  The owner got a good laugh and I was happy to provide a little excitement for the day.

Snakes do not need to be a part of my life…but unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve had a run in with an uncaged snake while showing a property.  Earlier this year I was showing property to a wonderful family…we walked out the front door when finished, and there was a snake right on the sidewalk.  I felt like I had springs in my feet because I went about five feet in the air and screamed my head off.  The worst part is the buyer was pregnant and I felt like I was going to send her into early labor with my display of terror.  My reaction is so involuntary that I can’t even hold it in or calmly say, “Mrs. Buyer, there is a snake right in front of you so why don’t you walk around it.”  My display is pretty much a mirror image to this

The life of a Realtor isn’t always glamorous.  I have countless stories that one day may very well fill a book; a large book. 

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